Mission, Visions, and Values

Our mission, vision, and values are expressions of What We Believe and our Philosophy of Ministry. They describe the ways we believe that The Lord has called us to meet the needs of some followers of Jesus. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) goes into more detail so please be sure to give it a read.


Mission describes what we are doing now. As we are just getting started in January of 2019, our initial mission is this;

Establishing a welcoming community of believers who are dedicated to walking together in God’s truth and grace.

What does that mean? It means we are looking for like-minded and “learning forward” Christians who have a desire to build something together. We welcome anyone who wants to check us out, but we are also looking for builders, even if they don’t know how yet. As the church grows healthy and matures, this mission will grow with it.


Vision describes what we want to be both now and in the future. It’s the path we are on now and hope to stay on until Jesus says otherwise. Our initial vision is this;

To be followers of Jesus gathered in a simple environment, immersed in God’s grace, and equipped from the Bible to love and serve others.

What does this look like? Our Values and FAQ flesh that out pretty well No need to ‘splain here. As the church grows healthy and matures, the vision give us a course to follow.


Values describe the things that will keep us on the path to Vision. They are both milestones and measuring sticks. As we get started, these are the things we value (see FAQ for more details);

  • A noticeable sense of God’s grace both when we are gathered and when we are apart. While that sounds mystical and weird, it really isn’t.
  • Church health over church growth.
  • Success measured by our lives intentionally looking more like Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20), people intentionally equipped for everyday ministry (Ephesians 4:11-16), all accomplished under the influence of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18-21).
  • Simplicity in our gatherings. Simple worship music (not overproduced), simple Bible teaching (inviting yet challenging), in a simple setting (be it living room or sanctuary).
  • Equipping parents/guardians to be the primary disciplers and influencers of their kids.
  • Being more Mary than Martha (sorry if that’s sounds like Christianese, Luke 10:38-42 explains).
  • Allowing space in our times together to rest, listen, ponder, reorient, and otherwise give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to speak to and through us.
  • Being temperament-friendly. God made the introvert and extrovert alike. This might sound like an odd thing to include in a church’s values. Please read the FAQ for further explanation.
  • We welcome questions. People learn through questions. Jesus taught using questions. Questions asked and explored in a spirit of grace guide us to the answer while allowing the Holy Spirit Himself to convict, encourage and teach us. It is where truth and grace meet.

We are just getting started. All of this is a framework. It’s a work in progress. It’s a wish-list. It will be refined with experience and time. If it sounds like your wish list, please don’t hesitate to contact us.